Shiny new website (and other changes)

Shiny new website (and other changes)

If you're an existing customer you will no doubt notice that the website has changed quite dramatically.

The last few years have been pretty chaotic for everyone for lots of different reasons. At some point along the way the old Second Thunder website got outdated and superseded by new tech and generally needed a giant overhaul. Well... this is the beginning of it.

Is my old account and order history here?

I can't import the accounts (without a lot of techy wrestling and wrangling that might not even work correctly) but I do have details of old purchase histories on file. If you're an old customer you'll need to setup a new account (it's been such a long time since the old store was active that some of you may well have moved house several times since then anyway). If you do need to refer to previous purchases (such as the PDF edition of Open Combat) use the contact form to get in touch.

What about the Open Combat blogpost articles?

I've still got them but not moved them over to this new site yet. I plan on revisiting and reworking them and adding new articles to reflect the feedback I've had too. But it'll take a bit of time to get to.

What's happened to the forum?

The forum software had also become very out of date and needed some serious overhaul work so I've had to remove the forum. I kept the database and will hopefully get a chance to recreate something along the same lines at a later date but for now the forum is sadly no more.

Price Changes

It's not a great time for many of us right now with costs rising across practically all parts of life. With Second Thunder I've utilised digital printing formats and various other short run mechanisms to keep stock levels sustainable without having to over commit to huge quantities (along with the associated capital outlays). But even that area of life has seen price increases so several products will be seeing price increases over the coming month or so as I do reprints/fresh runs. In particular the Open Combat Handbook, the Open Combat Sword Masters supplement and the Open Combat dice sets will all be increasing in price.

What's happening next?

The biggest change going forward is that I've partnered with Sarissa Precision to handle my fulfilment so any orders will be shipped from their location (it's only 30 mins drive from me so I can keep my hands on things when needs be). The main benefit of this partnership is that it takes a process out of my hands and lets me focus my time on new product development and support. So expect releases to be on a much more regular basis.

Lucrum is also being manufactured by Sarissa so, in an albeit small way, it keeps the products' carbon footprint pretty low and makes the whole process of production and shipping a much more streamlined affair. I've intentionally designed Lucrum the way it is to keep the whole package as natural as possible for a big mix of thematic, design and environmental considerations.

Another thing I'll be doing over the coming months is adding significantly more information to the resources section. In particular I'll be adding more material for Open Combat such as sample force lists which several players have expressed an interest in. Eventually I'll be adding more material for Lucrum too.

I've a few other potential partnerships or joint projects that may be a thing as the year progresses but I'll talk about them if/when they start to happen. 

So it's a very exciting time with a new burst of energy for Second Thunder!

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