What's happening with Open Combat?

What's happening with Open Combat?

Open Combat has been quietly trundling along for the last years with new player joining in the fun.

New releases have been delayed for a long time due all of the upheavals we've all been dealing with. But with the various systems and arrangements I'm putting into place this year I'm going to finally, finally be getting new Open Combat content out.

First up will be the long awaited Black Powder supplement which many of you have been patiently awaiting for such a long time. Thanks to all of you that have been popping by my stand at the various shows as we've been opening up again this year. I really do appreciate the little smiles and eyebrow raises as you say "Is it out yet?" It's incredibly supportive to know that you are still there waiting for it to arrive. :)

I've got the Lucrum release at the UK Games Expo but once I'm back from that show I'll be back onto finishing the Black Powder supplement and expect to have that off to the printers at the end of June.

When Black Powder is off to the printers I'll be posting more information regarding a bit of a roadmap for the next few supplements.

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