First Open Combat

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First Open Combat

Post by GoonerWA » Sun Jun 14, 2015 3:57 pm

First conflict today on our home made scenery, using some 50mm Toys R Us & KMart fantasy figures…(scaled up 1 move to 4 cm relative to figure size)
I am playing as the Witch and her skeleton army…and being a GM really to have some fun with my son (7), who controls the Heroes

Carista the Junior Mage and her party of adventurers approached the Witch's tower, from the cover of the woods. Their goal to find and retrieve the two of the four treasure chests that hold the loot.
approach.JPG (48.5 KiB) Viewed 5972 times
Bethinca the Witch surveyed her domain, while her skeleton guards kept watch.
bethinca.JPG (38.33 KiB) Viewed 5972 times
The Heroes cautiously advanced from the woods, two elves, Zane and Amethyst, moving quickly along their right flank, using the hills to cover their approach. While the human brothers, Damon and Gwillum, advanced to the first hill and prepared to scale the ladder to grab the chest on the far side. The skeletons and their witch master had seen nothing yet…

Zane made a break across the field, with two moves to get to the next hill and I claimed that Bethinca would have spotted him, which my son denied…he said we should resolve it with paper, rock, scissors…which I won after two ties! The elf was spotted…Amethyst followed Zane and Damon and Gwillum figured they may as well go over their hill quickly now that the skeletons were activated…
Carista watched warily from the woods, guarded by her Dwarf warrior, Smyrna and Barbarian, Crandor.

Bethinca cast spells to animate a couple more skeleton warriors, draining her MIN to 2 (house spell rules) as her other warriors started to rush towards the Heroes...well a couple did. We used the monster activation rule for any skeletons that were further than 30cms from the controlling witch, Bethinca. And one of the skeletons on their right flank repeatedly scored a 1 ! Slowing the whole advance!

Damon and Gwillum got to their chest, opened it to find it was full and quickly grabbed it…two man move to carry and at half pace (rule added by my son on the spot)… as one of the skeletons approached.
Zane got to the other chest and loosed some arrows at the advancing skeletons; one went down, followed by another in the following turn. (Elven archer with ATK 5, Marksman, Aim and Sharp Eyed…deadly against low DEF scores).
Amethyst next to him, opened the chest to find that was also full (very lucky!)…but the skeletons were getting closer now.
Damon and Gwillum were struggling off with their chest and in danger of getting attacked from behind so Barbarian Crandor ran in to the action and hit and forced back the skeleton…which was then hit and destroyed by a flurry of arrows from Zane in the next turn…Damon and Gwillum were gone, off in to the woods with the first objective complete.

Bethinca advanced from her tower to get closer to and control her eratic skeletons... so Zane promptly hit her with an arrow too! FOR down from 5 to 4 for Bethinca…but then finally a bit of success for the skeletons as one landed a hit on Amethyst and another ran all the way to engage Zane in Hand to Hand and stop his shooting for now.
zanefights.JPG (47.95 KiB) Viewed 5972 times
So the scene is set for the finale, Amethyst and Crandor fight one skeleton, Zane using his fists on another…hoping to force him back and then get the bow out…Carista is ready to Heal her fighters and Smyrna faces two warriors…and will Bethinca enter the fight or flee to her tower if the skeletons crumble…dinner and bed time for my son, so the conclusion will have to wait :-)

A lot of fun so the simplicity of the rules and adaptability. Looking forward to completing one evening this week after homework of course.
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Bluewater Guppi
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Re: First Open Combat

Post by Bluewater Guppi » Mon Jun 15, 2015 7:55 am

Hey Gooner - this report rocks. My 10 Year old is playing too - she loves the rules and making new warbands with old miniatures too.


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Re: First Open Combat

Post by Hobgoblin » Mon Jun 15, 2015 12:19 pm

ahh - the old 'dinner and bedtime' ruse to avoid an embarrasing loss to the kids... :lol: ;)
(I have never done this :oops: )

Nice report, thanks for posting!

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Re: First Open Combat

Post by GoonerWA » Mon Jun 15, 2015 3:41 pm

Thanks for the +ve feedback Andrew and Hobgoblin 8-)
It was a lot of fun playing and writing actually…hope to complete my amazing recovery (?!) in the next couple of days...

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Re: First Open Combat

Post by ST_Carl » Tue Jun 16, 2015 11:34 am

Fantastic report - I'm really pleased that you're all using the rules with your kids (I play against mine too!).

I'm glad to hear you're feeling confident enough to house rule a few things into your games too, I was hoping the system would bring out the rules tinkerer in players that like that part of the hobby.


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