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OC goes frostgrave and back again :)

Posted: Wed Apr 13, 2016 10:03 am
by fransotto
Ok, I normally feel that posting a battle report containing my home brewed rules is not really... interesting, but I make an exception this time for a few reasons. One of them is that the game went very quick, I think it was over within 4 turns or something (30min gameplay maybe) but still as usual a lot of tactical things to consider. With the rulebook released there might be some players who want to read a battle report before start playing. My home brewed spell rules were not really pronounced as both the wizards kept on failing all time so that is another reason why I am post this battle report.

So the warbands and background;


The living guys -A warband containing a "Terraform wizard", a small pet dragon and four rogues equipped with bow and sword.


The Undead guys -A warband containing a "Revive & Portal wizard" five warriors with either hand weapon + shield or spear + shield. The wizard also got a small pet.

I will not go too deep in to the spell rules but the Terraform Wizard could place up to six 1" cubs in LOS of the wizard. Those cubs counted as terrain/hard cover and was permanently placed on the battlefield. Two cub high and a model was forced to climb. The wizard could place one or more cubes under a model and could also "push" cubs into models (force back) if liked.

The Revive and Portal wizard could both bring back models to life (even take over the opponent models) and create portals which could be used quick traveling. A nice bonus here was that if a model was revived on a 6 the model got immediately two actions which could be used together with the portal to really speed up the warband.


Here you can see both wizard in action before the actual game there we sorted out the spell abilities.

The actual game;


The terrain was fairly simple; A lake that was treated as impassable. The tree could be climbed and in some extend the models could jump between the trees is needed (never happened).

The undead guys deployed aggressively with the plan to create portals in order to quick get behind the opponent. The Revive and Portal wizard deployed in such way that he could not be shot first turn but still quite deep into the battlefield in order to be able to revive causalities (both friend and enemy alike!) After some sneaking and tricking the pet was able to deploy safely in the ruin and could quite safely reach the Terraforming wizard within 1 or 2 turns.

The living guys deployed the pet dragon into a tree and aggressively the rest, by having fewer models and bows the player knew the warband had the upper hand in simple one-one combat. The bow was suppose to prevent the undead to create force back traps and stuff.


After first turn it was full action. The terraforming wizard tried to create wall as cover for the shooting rouges, but failed. A rogue rushed toward the pet rat in order to prevent the rat to reach the wizard. The undead wizard tried to create portals behind the monument in the middle but failed as well. The pet dragon in the tree in the upper corner performed well and was dealing huge amount of damage to the undead despite the shields.


Turn two or three there on rogue is in a danger position in the house, the terraforming wizard tries to help by creating cubes underneath the spear-undead (no need for creating a cube behind as the spear-undead also carried a shield!). The undead wizard moves closer to the middle in order to revive a friend. Fails that as well (only works with 5 or 6s).


Two undead down and here my opponent does a "classic". Instead of doing a follow up after first action with the engage model the opponent use other models to shot the undead back into the lake, with help from the rogue behind the monument and then with the pet dragon in the tree.


With some use of leadership re-roll this was a success and the strong undead warrior fell into the lake and sunk. The shooting continue and forced back the undead wizard 2-3" back. The undead wizard found to be too far away to revive and model and therefore tried to escape by portals -but failed again.


The battle for the undead in the ruin was a loss but the pet was free.


Next turn the living warband concentrated all the fire power to the undead wizard and manage to force back him out of the battlefield (chose force back result when possible instead of minor hits). Little bit luck here, but else a very right decision. The undead reached the break point and the game was over.

Afterward we agreed on that the terrain setup favored the bows. We should have put more cover on the field. The spell was just total disaster but still even if not a single spell was cast there were a lot to consider and we will try again with similar setup. We really loved the trees and the possibilities with them but it was a hell to make good photos :)