[MOD] [WIP] Open Combat RPG

Put your suggestions for Open Combat here. Please include (SCENARIO) (SKILLS/ABILITIES), (WEAPONS) as appropriate in the title of your posts. Feel free to include (PROFILES) too if you have a suggested set of profiles for particular kinds of fighter - I know there are players that would find this useful.

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[MOD] [WIP] Open Combat RPG

Post by fransotto » Fri Aug 25, 2017 10:59 pm

Open Combat as RPG system

This little (so far) modification is for you who want to go a little bit further with your narrative campaign or scenario. In the examples I presume you are using a "GM" ´but it could work without as well.

Skill system

Each characteristic (SPD, ATK, DEF; FOR, MND) is the base for different skills. It is up to the player to suggest and "role play" the skill and modifiers, then it is up to the GM/other player(s) to accept and keep the flow of the game. Almost all skills are rolled against a resistance value and need to score at least "minor hit" in order to succeed. The Resistance value 5 is a good reference value.
Modifiers can be anything from being equipped with correct tools for the work to more emotional feelings like love or hate. The modifier range normally from -3 to +3.

For example;
GM: -"You cannot open the reinforced door, it is locked!"
Player 1: -"My warrior character tries to force up the lock with his battle axe!)
GM: -"Well, The door is heavy with a resistance value of 7, there might be a chance of your battle axe to take damage... It will be quite noisy as well..."
Player 1; -"Well, my character do not care, I got 6 in ATK and I use my battle axe!"
Player 2; -"Ehh, would it not be better if my character took care of...
GM: "Fair enough, You battle axe gives you a modifier or +1, that gives you a total of 7, please roll one dice.
Player 1: (4)
GM: -"Too bad, nothing happens at all, it is still quite"
Player 1: -"Ah, My character will do it again, and now he is angry! He smash the door as hard as he can!"
Player 2: -..But, in all respect shouldnt I try to take a look at the lock..."
GM: -"Okidok, the barbarian anger gives you another modifier of +1, your reach 8 now so please roll two dice
Player 1; (1) (1)
GM; Ouch, that was not good, your battle axe broke and now you got the guards attention. Let see they are 8" from you so you have a last chance to do something before they arrives.
Player 2: Let me try some lockpicking! I got 6 in SPD and I have a spoon! My character is a bard, so she can figure something out.
GM: -"Excellent, but Player 2, I think your character was nervous, wasnt she? You get a value of 5, +1 for the spoon, but -2 for the characteristic of being nervous. Especially in a situation like this one! The good news is that doors lock is very simple with a resistance value of 2. Go ahead and roll three dice!
Player 2: (2) (4) (6)
GM: -"Perfect, you were able to quickly open the door and both of you are now on the inside. Due to perfectly picking the lock you can choose to lock it from the inside as you did not broke it under the successful attempt.

When it comes to modifiers these must be part of the campaign, scenario or the background of the character and the sum of all modifiers should be zero in the end.

For example;
Karl the great is a barbarian from the north doing adventure for fame and glory. He got a great beard, can build up a great anger and got a great stomach.
Skills and Equipment;
Great axe
Great Beard (Increased charisma) +1
Great Anger (for those important situations) +2
Great Stomach (for situations there weight and size matters) -3

Alice Copper is a bard on the run from a powerful merchant guild, it might have something to do with her huge amount of gold in her pockets.
Skills and Equipment;
Dagger, Taunt, Inspire
Nervous (Stress) -2
Read and write (including fabricate letters) +1
Small handy stuff (for every situation) +1

The modifiers are there as a guide for the role playing. Observe that a positive modifier is not always good or static; For example Karl the Barbarian might lose temper in crucial situations there patient is needed (as such grear anger +2 becomes patient -2).

....to be continued....
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