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Post by Warchariot » Thu Dec 14, 2017 5:09 pm

I tried the ideas for simulating fear from the rulebook, but felt that the fear causing creature shouldn't have to spend an action to cause fear in others. I haven't try this yet, but like the idea of the model who is attempting to move to contact with a fear causing creatures roll an "obscured target test" p.14.

New Skills:

Fear: model causes fear in living models. Models moving to contact roll 1D6 on a 2-6 move is completed, On a score of 1 the model is overcome by fear, lose initiative.

Courage: Model rolls 2D6 when moving to contact with fear causing models.

Terror: models moving to contact roll 1D6, on a 3-6 move is complete. 2 model doesn't move, 1 lose initiative. Models with courage roll 1D6 with 2-6 passing, 1 model doesn't move.

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