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[SCENARIO] Ambush (Solo Scenario)

Posted: Sun Mar 18, 2018 11:47 pm
by xavier_wise

I have been drafting up another solo scenario and thought I would share here. This is untested as yet, so it might still need some work. However, I thought I would share it here for interest and see if anyone else fancied giving it a test and sending me some feedback.

A couple of things that might need changing are the break point and the recommended warband size (renown). The break point is set at 0 for the player's warband. This makes it a bit more of a 'do-or-die' scenario and more about getting as many models off the board as possible. It could be set higher (a quarter or half of the combined fortitude and mind), so that when they hit that limit, they give up automatically. The only problem with this is, any member left on the board when the breakpoint is hit is automatically captured.

The max renown chosen for the warband size is added to give a guide and not make the warband too big, and therefore the scenario too easy. I imagined having 4 or 5 heros in the warband, fighting their way out of the ambush. At 100 renown, and with the stats described for the different ambushers that might appear, the warband is likely to become outnumbered quite quickly.

One idea that could make it trickier would be to have one warband member selected randomly to start off at 0 fortitude. Perhaps as the ambush was sprung, they were the unlucky one to be hit by the opening attack, or they have stumbled and the ambushers are now taking their chance.This then gives the players the dilemma - do they leave the wounded member behind and flee, or do they try and save them.

Another option to make it harder could be to have the "safe route" off the table unknown. Until the warband works out what is going on and where to run, they cannot exit the board. You could roll a D6 each turn. On a 6, they figure out which is the safest route off. Randomly determine which end of the road to exit by rolling a D6: 1-3 results in one end of the road, 4-6 the other end.

I made a note below for personal reference about other solo scenarios I might look into that were inspired by this one.