More Solo Scenarios - any interest?

Put your suggestions for Open Combat here. Please include (SCENARIO) (SKILLS/ABILITIES), (WEAPONS) as appropriate in the title of your posts. Feel free to include (PROFILES) too if you have a suggested set of profiles for particular kinds of fighter - I know there are players that would find this useful.

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More Solo Scenarios - any interest?

Post by xavier_wise » Mon Feb 04, 2019 11:51 pm

I have been working on some more scenarios for solo play. The most recent one, which is a work in progress, is an escape scenario that I am writing. I have also posted two other 'complete' scenarios on the forums and wondered if anyone had given them a try (I noticed someone mention them on the Facebook group). Feedback and ideas would be much appreciated, as well as just a comment to say you've given it a try! It'd interesting to find out if anyone has given them a try and what they thought :)

You can find all the scenarios I write here (those that are still being written and those that are 'complete'): ... y3hrbpTTSn

Feel free to browse and read. Any marked WIP are not completed and I haven't finished or tried them properly yet. I'll keep adding documents as I write more, so keep checking back. I'll keep posting 'completed' scenarios in individual posts too (see the Ambush and The Hunt posts) so they are easier to find and comment on.

Anyway, hopefully people enjoy them! I need to have a few games myself as well to test them out some more.

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