Doubled Handed Weapons and Terrible Misses

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Doubled Handed Weapons and Terrible Misses

Post by Borodino1812 » Tue Nov 19, 2019 10:36 pm

Just a point of clarification needed.
Eric the Viking has a double handed axe and is engaged in hand to hand combat with Siegfried the Saxon and 2 of Siegfried's mates.
He swings it round and throws a 3 (force back), a 1 (terrible miss),and a 6 (solid hit).On page 21 it sets out a sequences to how the dice would apply which would imply the the terrible miss is last and so the initiative is lost after the terrible miss is applied
The rules don't expressly say but does Eric throw the 3 dice sequentially-rather than altogether.So as the second throw is a terrible miss Eric and his Warband lose the initiative at that point and the solid hit never connects?
If my assumption is wrong then can Eric choose the way the dice are utilised?-and logically would therefore chose to take the terrible miss last-or does the the fact a terrible miss is thrown ie the 3 dice are thrown together-negate the whole attack and the Warband loses the initiative straight away?
Finally is the rule applied in such a way that all dice are used against each model?

Many thanks

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