Gold crowns

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Gold crowns

Post by Rugnar » Fri Mar 02, 2018 12:09 am

Hi everyone
First thing's first what a great rules set simple elegant what else do you need?
One thing...How many gold coins wise would you say one reputation point would be worth in frostgrave/open combat type crossover multiverse?
If hypothetically one wished to play scenarios in a frostgrave universe type campaign setting whilst substituting the at least 'bit swingy' combat system for the superior open combat slash and force back type affair, obviously waiting for the magic supplement to arrive but generally having a great deal of fun (as both authors intended) mixing it up in the mean time.
Thanks again for the rules/inspiration/jump off point
Peace rugnar

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Re: Gold crowns

Post by ST_Carl » Mon Mar 05, 2018 2:30 pm

Welcome Rugnar!

I'm glad you're enjoying the game.

With regards to your question I don't think it's possible to give a direct crossover points calculation as both systems are written to work in entirely different frameworks.

But... you could use the Open Combat combat system without doing any gold crown conversion at all and keep the rest of the Frostgrave game intact. You could try dividing the Frostgrave Armour stat on a model by 3 (rounding up) to give you an Open Combat DEF score for the model. To work out the ATK score you take the DEF score and add the Frostgrave Fight modifier to give you an Open Combat ATK score.

Example One: A Frostgrave Warhound has an Armour of 10 which you could use as DEF 4 in Open Combat (10/3 rounded up). The Warhound's ATK in Open Combat terms would be ATK 5 (DEF 4 +1 for the Frostgrave Fight modifier).

Example Two: A Frostgrave Knight has an Armour of 13 which provides a DEF 5 in Open Combat terms. The Knight's ATK would be ATK 9 in Open Combat thanks to the Frostgrave Fight modifier of +4.

If you took this approach you could play using the weapons rules and combat system and modifiers from Open Combat but keep the rest of Frostgrave 'as is' without complicating things too much. You'd find the models would live longer as they wouldn't suffer potentially instant death damage from combat as it's hard to pull off huge amounts of damage in Open Combat.

Bear in mind this is just an off-the-cuff kind of approach. I've not tested it, I've literally just read your post and thought about it. I play Frostgrave too so have an understanding of the game but I've never tried combining the two. The above approach is something I think you could use if you wanted to combine the two, the beauty of this approach is that it keeps Frostgrave's magic, campaign and gold crown systems totally the same as they're written so doesn't really require much work for you as a player.


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