Apologies for being away from the forum for so long

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Apologies for being away from the forum for so long

Post by ST_Carl » Tue Feb 09, 2016 5:16 pm

Hello all,

This is just a quick post to apologise for being away from the forum of so long.

I was concentrating on getting the book finalised and all the surrounding administration that is involved so had to blinker my view down so as not to break the flow of getting things done.

I've got approx. two more weeks of mayhem once the books arrive (next week) as I ship out the hard copies to everyone then I'll be back to getting involved in discussions and talking about various Open Combat things (and perhaps a few others too!)

Thanks to all of you that have kept active while I've been absent. 8-)

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Re: Apologies for being away from the forum for so long

Post by 8elias8 » Fri Mar 04, 2016 9:45 pm

Hey Carl,

As this is a one man operation its totally understandable that you you can't be everywhere at once. Thanks for focusing on the book and not dividing your attention. I really look forward to see it in person and all you have in store for Second Thunder in the future!

Just listened to you on Meeples and Miniatures. Got to say your clean and simple but sophisticated philosophy that drives all your design choices is something that really rings true with me. I'll soon be introducing some players to Mini-gaming for the first time and I'm using Open Combat! I really look forward to it, as I haven't played mini-gaming in years and Open Combat inspired me to get back into it!


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