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Team vs Team

Post by Striker » Sun Mar 31, 2019 5:47 pm

Hi everyone. I played my first game of OC yesterday with a buddy and we liked it very much (he is an experienced Mordheim/GW player, I do a lot of WW2-scifi skirmish). One thing we talked about was playing games where 2 or more players were on one "team" and 2 or more on another (think of one side of dwarves and one of goblins but multiple people are allied on one side or the other). How have people handled loss of initiative? Say this is the set up:
Goblins: players a, b, and c. Dwarves: players 1, 2, 3.

So if goblins have initiative and they are all going at the same time (each player having their own warband of figures but all goblins) and one of the goblin players (player a) rolls a "1" such that they lose initiative we were thinking that that "player a" would be done but the other goblin warband players b & c would keep going until they too lost initiative or ran out of models to activate? I can see some downtime for the player but it would keep things from having to be run as plain 3 separate battles (player a vs player 1, player b vs player 2, player c vs player3) each with their own initiative and turns.

The reason this comes up is that our club group usually has 3+ players showing and we all play one game normally. If we would like to introduce OC to them it would be easier to run if we could divide into 2 teams and have a side fight a side. Most of the gamers aren't fantasy gamers so they don't have much besides humans and most of them are 18th Century and newer, so a couple of us could bring an army and divide it up. This is how we've handled games like Blitzkreig Commander where the activation system can cause a turn to end for a side; each player had their own possibility to end but the entire side didn't get stopped because one player rolled badly on their first roll. We would also use this system if we had 2 players vs 1 and the 1 player would divide his force into warbands. We'd probably have each player have a leader with re-rolls but in a 2vs1 game the 1 player might get more re-rolls? Ideas?

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