Generic stat values?

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lord mayhem
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Generic stat values?

Post by lord mayhem » Mon Apr 13, 2015 4:38 pm

Having just come to the game, I was wondering if there were any general guidelines regarding statistics; While there are some indications with the example character, I found nothing to suggest baseline levels; such a what is the normal movement for a basic human? or what is the Fortitude of a healthy human (fantasy vs historical)? What skill level is normal/Olympic/superhuman etc?
Related, are the any generic premade historical forces as guidelines? (town guard/militia, roman legionnaires, Medieval knights, Aztec Jaguar warriors, etc?) Always useful for throwing together a fast game

I understand that every player/group can set their own guidelines, but some idea of how the designers viewed it would be useful, if only to ease transition when meeting a new group

If I read it right (based on the example character)the basic concept would be, Attack of 1 would be untrained, 2 would be basic training, 3 skilled 4 Olympic/heroic level etc
For DEF, I'm assuming as a base the same for skill, plus about 1 for light armor (leather jerkin) 2 for medium (chainmail) and 3 for heavy armor (plate)

So a peasant (useful for storming castles) would be about Mv 4 Atk/Def 1 For 2-3, with a pitchfork? About 10 reknown

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Re: Generic stat values?

Post by HandofOdin37 » Tue Apr 14, 2015 4:07 pm

The way I see it, it's entirely up to the player's judgement for what a "generic" stat is. Part of the brilliance of OC is that it's not limited by set profiles/rules for certain races like other games are. You also needn't worry about opponents spamming high stats, because as discussed here: ... f=9&t=1760 having stupidly high stats starts to become a disadvantage as the cost outweighs the gain.

I've not played much yet, but looking at the rules/people's warbands they've posted, I'd say 3-4 is average for a stat, and anything higher than 6-7 is starting to get too high to be worth it, but these will change relative to what you're playing against.
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Re: Generic stat values?

Post by ST_Carl » Tue Apr 14, 2015 5:25 pm

Hello and welcome lord mayhem

I can understand your position, especially related to throwing together a few warbands for a quick game.

One of the reasons that I'm incredibly resistant to providing baseline lists/profiles for things is my fear that these will somehow become viewed as the 'norm' which then inhibits the creativity of players (through fear of somehow doing it wrong or not being official). There is no wrong profile for anything as all opinions are valid - the game is mechanically built to work within a dynamic environment so you have the freedom to do things your way.

But, with this being said, I am also aware that additional guidance is needed for some players to (as you said it) ease the transition for new players.

Something similar to the profile that you suggested could be SPD 4 ATK 1 DEF 1 FOR 3 MIN 0 Pitchfork (counts as spear) = 10 Renown. This could quite easily represent a peasant, it could also easily represent a zombie* in a fantasy setting.

I can also see it being used to represent an exhausted professional soldier/infantryman that's been on the road for days (force marched) had next to nothing to eat and is suddenly ambushed.

A lot of this depends on the overall context of the warband that you're building and the encounter that they appear within.

I'll be writing a blogpost soon which will address ways to approach profile writing. A SPD range of 1-6 seems totally fine for an historical context (and by extension humanoids in fantasy settings). ATK and DEF depends on how adept at fighting you view the model as being and how armoured/good at defending themselves you feel they are. FOR and MIN directly relate to your Break Point (which is worth bearing in mind as you build), the higher the FOR the longer the model will be able to take hits and stay in the fight, the higher the MIN the more capable of resisting enemy psychological attacks/successfully delivering such attacks on the enemy the model is.

It all depends on what you're trying to portray and the kind of 'feel' you want your force to have.

I'll be addressing this topic again on the main website and will be providing a few sample profiles and discussing them in more detail then.

Hope this rather meandering response helps in the meantime though.


*speaking of zombies here's a similar profile I've used to represent a zombie in a horde build (i'll blog about this in the next few weeks): SPD 3 ATK1 DEF1 FOR 5 MIN 0 = 10 Renown. Both those profiles are 10 Renown but they give a very different model which needs to be used in a different way..

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