General advisory about suggestions

Put your suggestions for Open Combat here. Please include (SCENARIO) (SKILLS/ABILITIES), (WEAPONS) as appropriate in the title of your posts. Feel free to include (PROFILES) too if you have a suggested set of profiles for particular kinds of fighter - I know there are players that would find this useful.

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General advisory about suggestions

Post by ST_Carl » Sun Jul 19, 2015 12:56 pm

This is simply an advisory that since I created this area the content and suggestions are being generated in a very quick fashion so if I don't jump in on individual threads it's not that I'm ignoring them. I'm simply a bit swamped with stuff to do. I am looking in on things as and when I can but leaving you to do your own thing without any prompting from me.

Please note that I have various rules and mechanics myself which may be for something that you cover in the suggestions you make and discuss. When I come to pulling the relevant supplements together I'll be revisiting the suggestions sections that cover the topic I'm working on and I may get in touch then.

There will inevitably be some crossover with my existing mechanics and suggestions, in any development environment multiple people can come to the same conclusion for things. I may well get in touch with you regarding incorporating your ideas too - but bear in mind I'll generally do some tweaking of my own as I have a very clear sense of how I want Open Combat to 'feel' when it plays. I guess that's my prerogative as the designer ;)

I'll endeavour to highlight the names of forum contributors whenever I produce supplements.

So keep having fun - I'm not ignoring you. Just silly busy at the moment.

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