New Year Plans for Second Thunder and Update on Open Combat Development

I know we’re two weeks into 2015 but a happy new (ish) year to you anyway. I hope you had a chance to recharge your batteries over the festive break and got some cool new hobby toys to play with.

Last year was a crazy time for me. I finally finished the production of Open Combat and got the game released. It’s been fantastic to see and hear the positive comments around the various blogs and podcasts and good to know that it’s been very well received (many thanks go to those of you that have been spreading the word about Open Combat).

So what happens next?

Those of you that follow me on twitter or visit the Second Thunder Forum may have heard me mention some of the expansions that I plan to release this year. Several people have asked for a bit of a roadmap to get an idea of the direction I see the releases going and before Christmas myself and Gav Thorpe got together and discussed the options in taking things forward.

Open Combat Digital (PDF) Expansions

The first three expansions for Open Combat are as follows, note the titles are simply ‘holding’ names for the moment:

End of Jan 2015 – Swordsmen
End of Feb 2015 – Scenarios
End of Mar 2015 – Trolls

Open Combat Wishlist for further into year (the order is still up in the air at the moment):
Magic (General)
Warband and Character Advancement System
Campaigns – Territory Control
Campaigns – Wealth Acquisition
Expanded Cavalry/Mounted Model Rules
Necromancy and the Undead
Elementalist (and Elementals)

So what can you expect in the digital (PDF) expansions?

The Swordsmen: This expansion adds new skills, optional rules and two new scenarios to Open Combat. It’s aim is to allow you to incorporate the swashbuckling type of hero and character/s into your warbands although it applies equally to any kind of specialist expert in sword fighting.

Scenarios: More ways to pit your warbands against each other.

Trolls: Expanded rules for Monsters, specifically Trolls, although they could equally be applied across any monsters you wish to use on the tabletop in the absence of other special rules. Including monster behaviours and special attacks (such as picking up and throwing things…).

…and there’s more

There’s also a number of aspects of Open Combat that I’d like to explore this year which may need more input from players. I’ll be releasing optional rules which players can ‘have a go’ with and offer feedback before it goes into a ‘finished’ state.

I’ll be releasing these as free downloads so that you can easily access them during the year.

The first of these will be gunpowder weapon rules. I’ve tinkered a bit with them already with a view to playing with pirates (plus also the horse and musket period). But I’ve not really given them extensive testing and rather than sit on them I’ve decided to let you have a play and see what you think. I’m likely to release these at the same time (or within a week or so) of the Swordsmen expansion as the two seem a good combination if you want to play piratical swashbuckler warband games. They’ll be a free download – the rules won’t be as polished as the rulebook or expansions but it’ll give you another dimension to explore within Open Combat and a chance to offer feedback during development.

Second Thunder Future Releases

Open Combat is the first release for Second Thunder but is in no way the only game we have in the pipeline. There’s two more projects that I know we’ll be bringing to life this year and I’ll add more details here another time.

Other things that will gradually happen are a reworking of this website, I plan to produce a mix of content to provide hobby articles, game support and development teasers/sneak peeks. I’m also going to get my own podcast off the ground.

I think 2015 is going to be a very busy but very exciting year – I hope you join me or the ride. 🙂

If you’ve not got Open Combat yet you can buy it here.