Open Combat AARs, Battle Reports & Reviews

Over the last few weeks I’ve been seeing reports of games, experiences and commentary about Open Combat across several blogs and on twitter.

Below you’ll find links to the content I’ve seen, they’re well worth a look if you’re already playing Open Combat or considering buying and want to see what other gamers think.

Chicago Skirmish Wargames

Patrick, over at Chicago Skirmish Wargames, shared the experiences of his group when they played several fantasy games in an evening. You can see his report (and loads of photos) here: Chicago Skirmish Wargames Blog.

Sea Kings and Horse Warriors Blog

Alan, on his Sea King and Horse Warriors blog, shared his experiences and thoughts about Open Combat when he pitted Vikings against Skraelings. You can read all about it (and see his action photos) here: Seas Kings and Horse Warriors Blog.

Warmasters Blog about this and that!

Claus, on his warmasters blog about this and that, has shared his experiences with Open Combat on the table (lots of pics too). You can read his thoughts and see the pics here: Warmasters Blog about this and that!


Skirmish Wargaming group on Facebook

Colin, of the Skirmish Wargaming group on Facebook, recently posted a review of Open Combat. You can check it out on the Facebook Page here: Skirmish Wargaming. You’ll need to look for November 25th as I can’t work out how to link to specific posts. If you’re on FB it’s worth liking the page and following the content. Some interesting links pop up to all kinds of minis and games.

Have you posted or seen Open Combat discussion online?

If you write (or see discussion) about Open Combat online please let me know about it or post a link on the Second Thunder Forum so we can see what you’re getting up to.


Meeples and Miniatures Podcast

Gav Thorpe and myself were guests on the Meeples and Miniatures podcast recently. We managed to talk for nearly two and half hours! I’ve no idea what we said as I’ve not sat down and listened to it yet – hoping to do so while painting later on this week. But if you put Gav and myself in the same room we’re bound to have had a very meandering conversation about games that might have stayed on topic about Open Combat for a few minutes somewhere. Neil and his co-hosts produce a great show and it’s well worth a listen. You can find them here: meeples and miniatures podcast.

Talking of Neil’s co-hosts Mike Hobbs has been covering his games of Open Combat on twitter. You can check out his picture feed and tweets here: @m_a_hobbs

Wargames Illustrated

Last Friday Gav and I had the opportunity to go into the Wargames Illustrated offices and take them through Open Combat. It’ll be appearing in a future issue of the magazine as a rules showcase so keep your eyes peeled early next year for that one. If you’ve not heard of Wargames Illustrated you should take a look, it’s a great mag with some absolutely fantastic historical wargame ‘eye-candy’ photos, you can find them here: Wargames Illustrated.