Open Combat has started to spread…


I’ll start this post by saying a hearty thank you to those of you that have already bought Open Combat. I’d also like to thank those of you that have expressed an interest, fired questions at me or otherwise shown you want to know more. It really is incredibly encouraging. Like many creative endeavours in our hobby it’s good to get confirmation that you’ve produced something that resonates with other gamers when you produce a set of rules.

So what has been happening?


To put things into a bit of context Second Thunder is a new, independent publisher of hobby games and rules. The Open Combat skirmish game is the first release and it’s produced by myself with the support of Gav Thorpe in a consultative role. At the time of writing I’m the only ‘doer’ at Second Thunder, so the webstore, blog and (soon to be) forum all come down to me organising and ‘doing’ them. This is along with the marketing, responding to contacts, making the tea and so on… Oh and producing additional product (writing, painting, photography…). Although Gav is involved there too but I’ll cover that another time.

Yup, just like many other very small businesses – lots of juggling going on.

Over the last couple of weeks I made Open Combat available to purchase online (after having a weekend demoing the game at Derby Worlds wargame show in the UK). It was initially promoted very quietly on twitter and since then I’ve been gradually adding to the places it’s mentioned on online.

I didn’t quite expect the rapid escalation of interest and the hunger for more information.

I do have a list of support material to publish to help explain and promote Open Combat and I’m going to be working through that as fast I can to get the information out to you. Please bear with me as I get this all organised.

I’ve got lots of other exciting things to discuss along with several topics to cover such as Magic for fantasy settings and the eventual addition of a campaign system.

Plus for those of you wanting more information before committing to buying I’ve got video to produce and a few other bits and pieces to write up.

It’ll be here when I catch my breath – I’m working away behind the scenes even if you can’t see it.

First up is sorting a forum… Hopefully I’ll have that ‘live’ today.