Open Combat is one month old. What’s been happening?

The Open Combat miniature skirmish game has now been available in the wild for a month – hooray!

Villagers rush to claim 'their' prize as the herd escapes into the wild! Miniatures by Gripping Beast and Wargames Factory.
Villagers rush to claim ‘their’ swine as the herd escapes into the wild! Miniatures by Gripping Beast and Wargames Factory.

I’ve been very pleased with the reception Open Combat has received. I think the concept of having complete control over the characteristics, armaments and abilities which you can give to your warband, along with the freedom to use whatever miniatures you like has resonated with many of you.

It was fantastic to see the wave of enthusiasm as you looked at your miniature collections with renewed interest. I think many of us have miniatures in our collections which have been left behind as the hobby magpie in each of us flies off to the next model or miniature we’ve seen. Open Combat provides a you with a system which can help get some of those models from your lead/plastic pile into fully painted action very quickly. You only need a handful to build a warband and play. Of course, it also means you may stray into buying ‘just a couple’ of miniatures from a new range or historical period too as Open Combat also allows you to dip your toe into totally new ranges.. but it’s only a few isn’t it?

Complete freedom – you choose the characteristics for your models

Some of you have struggled a little with having complete freedom when creating your first profiles which is understandable, I don’t know any other games that give you that kind of freedom. In case you missed it I wrote an article about creating an Open Combat profile last week which you can see here which can help get you off the ground.

I didn’t want to put any preconceptions of what ‘x’ creature or fighter from a particular historical period was capable of into your mind which is why I didn’t include a list of sample profiles within the rules. I feel they could very easily be adopted as the ‘norm’ and that would be contrary to the freedom that the rules put into your hands.

Be sure to share your ideas for your warband profiles on the Second Thunder forum as I think many other players (and myself) like to see what your particular ‘take’ on your models is. It’s good for sparking ideas and conversation – all nice ingredients for fellow gamer creativity.

Second Thunder and Open Combat on social media streams

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank those of you that have retweeted on twitter, shared on facebook, blogged or otherwise helped spread the word about Open Combat amongst your gamer circles. There’s far too many of you to individually thank but take this as a big thank you and hug of gratitude from me, a fellow tabletop gamer.

Please keep on spreading the word, being a tiny independent publisher (even with Gav Thorpe’s assistance) means every little bit of ‘noise’ helps.

There have been some really interesting discussions/exchanges popping up on twitter and our own forum which is very pleasing to see (and useful for my own future reference). If you’re on twitter please give me a follow on @second_thunder and let me know you’re there.

I’ve very recently returned to Facebook, I’ve been juggling so much recently I’d not got to it for a few weeks, and if you’re on there please give Second Thunder Facebook page a like.

Doing some video?

I have been asked by several people to produce an introductory video to give them a stronger idea of what Open Combat is all about and it is something I am working on. I hope to have it ‘live’ towards the end of next week so will be sharing it then – the YouTube channel is in place ready for me to upload the first vid go and subscribe in anticipation of seeing my first effort at video production.

I’ve spotted a typo! What about a quick reference sheet? Fear not – free updates

As is always the way with publishing as soon as you’ve released something, you (or someone else) spot a typo, error or other little anomaly. I’ve been contacted by a few people about one or two little things in the Open Combat PDF which could do with correcting. There’s nothing huge or ‘rulesy’ it’s all mostly typographical.

One thing I told myself when I released Open Combat was that I wasn’t going to constantly micro-amend the book. I have been collecting the feedback and I’m at a point now where I think I can update the PDF before embarking on another big marketing push.

I’m also going to take the opportunity to revisit a couple of sections to see if I can add more clarity to the wording of the odd sentence which I’ve received questions about.

Another thing which several of you have asked for is a Quick Reference Sheet. This is something that Gav and myself didn’t think Open Combat needed as the game is so simple ad intuitive after you’ve played a game or two. But in the interest of completeness I’m going to put one together and include it in the update.

What does it mean if you’ve already bought it? Well, you won’t need the update if you don’t wish to download it again – the game isn’t changing. If you do want to download the update you’ll be pleased to know that once it’s uploaded to the store I’ll be resetting the download clock for everyone that has purchased it so that you can download the updated file if you want to. You’ll just need to login into your account and navigate to your purchase and hit the download button. I’ll send an email out when the updated file is there.

What’s next?

There are several expansions in the works at the moment. We are nudging along expanded rules for magic in fantasy settings which I discussed in a recent blog post here. Mounted models and monsters are also being tickled along. Perhaps the one which is of interest for many of you is an advancement system and, by extension, campaigns. This is something I’ll come back to in another article but I have moved it forward on my development list. It won’t see release until the new year but it is moving along.

The first micro-expansion which I’ll be releasing is currently living under the working title of ‘Swordsmen’ but this may change. This micro-expansion will introduce new skills/abilities to expand your options along with a new scenario to play. I’m excited about it as the skills do add another dimension to combat decisions which is very entertaining.

If you want to buy Open Combat you can get it on our online store here.

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