Open Combat Launch Price of £7.50 about to end

The special launch price of £7.50 for the Open Combat Rules ends on 31st October so get it now!


It’s a great set of skirmish rules giving you the freedom to ‘stat’ your models in any way that you wish, plays fast (30-40mins) and only needs a 24″x24″ area to play in. Your can find out more in the Open Combat Q & A article.

You can read an article about the process of creating a model profile for Open Combat here.

But don’t just take our word for it, there’s a few other people discussing the rules online:

Gav Thorpe (who helped during development) talks about it in his blog, introducing here and a bit of playing here here.

Doc Bungle reviews the rules on his blog here..

Connor B discusses his first impressions on his blog here.

You can also check out the discussions on our forum.

But most of all get over to the online shop to take advantage of the special launch price of £7.50 now.