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The king is dead and there is no clear heir. You are the leader of a noble family seizing on the opportunity to capture the throne for yourself.

Lucrum is a two player strategy game where you and your opponent attempt to claim the throne by raising the most gold. Careful deployment and strategic application of force in battle, along with securing key terrain features are all needed as you vie to accumulate the most wealth.


  • Rulebook
  • Double-side Board
  • Component Bag
  • 15 Terrain Features (3 each of Hills, Farmland, Lakes, Forest & Fortifications)
  • 26 Unit Tokens (Noble x2, Cavalry x4, Archer x4, Soldier x16)
  • 8 Lucrum Tokens
  • Campaign Turn Track and Markers

Number of Players: 2

Time to Play: 30-45minutes

Age: 14+

You can find out more about how the game plays in our introduction to the game over on our blog here (opens in new window).

A special gift

Lucrum is individually hand packaged in a natural cotton drawstring bag with no plastic content (we're keen to keep it as natural as possible).

When you first open the bag you will discover a sealed parcel (wrapped in tissue paper) along with a note. It's as though it's been sent from a loyal servant providing you with everything you need to attempt to seize the throne!

Whether it's treat for yourself, a surprise for an avid board gamer friend or a little taster for a relative that's interested in board games, Lucrum makes a great gift that you can play again and again!

A wonderful gift for a board game fan.

  • Compact and Easy to Transport!

    Lucrum is packaged in a 100% Cotton drawstring bag. Inside you can keep your rulebook, board and turn track marker alongside the rest of the components in their very own smaller drawstring bag.

    It's the perfect travel companion for a board gamer on a long journey, visiting a coffee shop or to take along on holiday to a hotel or campsite.